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Terms and Conditions


Chinese Medicine has many great resources and tools that are particulary useful at this time. Please explore my offerings and reach out with your questions.

-Casey Potetz, MS LAc.


Find peace, balance, and healing from home.


Virtual Sessions are focused to:

  • address health conditions

  • create actionable health programming

  • provide a safe space for healing inside the session



What can we address in a virtual session?

  • Stress, Anxiety and Sleep Issues

  • Respiratory issues, immunity boosting

  • Pain

  • Allergies

  • Digestive Issues

  • If you have another health concern you'd like to address, please ask and I will let you know if I think I can help.


What happens during the session?

Each session in unique. We will determine your health goals and outline a treatment plan. We may discuss herbs, supplements, nutrition, lifestyle advice, stretches and exercises, at-home therapies, or topical medicines. During each session, we carve out time for a guided relaxation experience.



Chinese Herbal Medicine is currently being used in China for prevention and treatment of COVID-19.


While herbs can be prescribed and ordered in a Virtual Session, these Herbal Consultations are for those who want to order herbs specifically for COVID-19 prevention and treatment, but do not want a full virtual session.


Herbal Consultations include one initial session and one 20-minute follow up. 

$75 Includes:

  • Initial Consultation for individual or household

  • Prescriptions and instructions

  • Review of medications and pre-existing conditions

  • 20-minute follow-up

Cost of Herbs

  • Typically $35/person

  • Herb costs not included in consultation