Did you know that you can teach your body

A foundational concept of Chinese Medicine is that the body is already PRE-PROGRAMMED to heal.

When our bodies are not healing, it's because that innate programming has been disrupted.

There are natural, proven strategies to restore the flow of healing energy and awaken the body's unlimited healing potential.


This is true for EVERY SINGLE TYPE of pain or condition.

The Solution

What you DON'T NEED is more information. There is so much out there on the internet, in podcasts, and youtube that it makes it impossible to piece together an effective treatment plan by yourself.

What you DON'T NEED is another 'healer' to tell you that you need more treatments or more supplements... nothing against these professions (I'm an acupuncturist!) but I know that there is a difference between people who practice healing work, and people who know how to MAKE HEALING HAPPEN.

What you DON'T NEED are more home-remedies, miracle supplements, bodywork tools, or tempting internet-buys that you hope will be your end-all solution.


The most valuable asset to your health is THE SKILL AND STRATEGY TO HEAL YOURSELF.

The Self-Healing Academy™

In my signature program, The Self-Healing Academy, I help amazing women, all over the world, break out of the viscous cycle of pain and fatigue. 


Apply proven & appropriate HEALING STRATEGIES for your unique case

ACQUIRE SKILLS for self-healing on the mind, body, and soul levels

Receive GUIDANCE and ACCOUNTABILITY to see your plan through to the result

Follow a step-by-step process of HEALING TRANSFORMATION that ends with a self-healing lifestyle YOU LOVE WAKING UP TO EVERY SINGLE DAY


What do we do in our program?

Wondering if our program is a fit for your unique case?


Meet your Healing Coach, Casey Helen Potetz


Casey is a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, a Licensed Acupuncturist, Clinical Herbalist, and holds a Diplomate Status of her accrediting board (NCCAOM). Casey has helped thousands of patients overcome painful and frustrating symptoms.

Classically trained in Chinese Medicine in Honolulu, Hawaii, Casey is honored to have studied under Dr. Chang Y Hsiang, founder of the World Medicine Institute. Dr. Chang is a 64th generation lineage disciple and world renowned master of the healing arts.

Casey's programs are completely unique from anything else available because she uses Lineage Teachings, the Doctrine of Chinese Medicine, and modern applications, to get her clients out of pain and into their highest healing potential.

"I love taking women through the sacred process of self-healing, and using my expertise to help them achieve real and lasting results. Healing is the greatest gift you can teach someone."

In addition to her virtual coaching programs, Casey owns and operates an acupuncture and herbal medicine clinic in New Canaan, CT.

Step-by-Step Transformation

Identify Symptom Patterns

What is your body trying to tell you?

Determine Treatment Principals

Where are we going on our healing journey?

Create Your Targeted Plan

What strategies will bring us to our end result?

Make Space for Healing

How can we fully support our healing process?

Step Into Your Healing Results!

 and set yourself up for long-term success.


“I was pretty sure that I was going to be in pain forever. Casey helped me realize all the ways I could rebalance myself. After a few weeks (in the program), my symptoms decreased to less than half. If you know pain, that is a lot. I never thought this was possible for me.”-J.S., 59

"I've suffered from horrible back pain for years! And a ton of other symptoms. I depended on meds and considered surgery before I found Casey. Now I'm back on my feet, enjoying my life with my husband. OMG I'm so grateful." - C.S., 42

"I was surprised that Casey really understood me. She really listens. She presents information and options, and leaves the decision making up to me. That part of the program makes me feel so empowered."-B.H., 41

"My fibromyalgia was progressing. My pain was getting worse. The doctors told me there was nothing I could do but manage symptoms. This program gave me clarity and actual steps to heal myself. Casey was right there with me, every step. I am so grateful for her program and her dedication to helping women like us heal."-E.M., 68

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Are YOU ready to say goodbye to pain and frustrating symptoms?