Acupuncture FAQs and What to Expect

Updated: Jan 21

What to Expect:

Before your first treatment, you will be asked to fill out the necessary paperwork. In most cases, Chinese Medicine Diagnostics are conducted determine the root cause of symptoms. This includes tongue and pulse readings, physical examination, and basic questions.

What is a Treatment Like?

Acupuncture treatments are generally very relaxing. Needle insertion is gentle and comfortable. Typically, patients lay on the treatment table to receive acupuncture. Once the needles are inserted, the body begins to fall into a very relaxed state. Often, patients fall asleep. TDP infrared heat lamp therapy is applied and you are given about 20-30 minutes to relax in the treatment. Some treatments call for electro-stimulation or tuning forks to amplify the treatment. At the end of the treatment, needles are gentle removed. Other therapies, like cupping, may be applied after needle removal.

After Treatment:

Because we are directing energy to different pathways in the body, you can expect to feel a bit tired or spacey immediately after treatment. I call this 'treatment brain'. Patients usually report great sleep the night of an acupuncture treatment. Because acupuncture changes the body's energy, physical results from treatment usually occur in the following hours or the next day. Strenuous exercise is not recommended after treatment. It is suggested you drink lots of water throughout the day.

How Many Treatments do I Need?

It is generally recommended to have your first three acupuncture sessions in a ten-day period. This gives us the best chance of success. After that, we have a better idea of how the body is responding. Everyone is very different, so this is only a general treatment plan outline. It is possible to have your main issue completely resolved after one treatment, and many people come in for treatment on an as-needed basis. The only way to know how you respond to acupuncture is to get you in for a treatment.

Treatment Packages:

Acupuncture works best with frequency. I incentivize treatment packages to get you the best results. This is why I offer 5-packs and 8-packs at a significantly reduced price.

Can We Share a Package?

Packages are incentivized because they get the best results for one patient. For this reason, patients may not share packages. There are exceptions to this policy in the case of referrals, gifting, and those experiencing financial hardship. Please call to discuss this.

Does Insurance Cover Acupuncture?

New Canaan Acupuncture does not accept insurance. However, if your insurance policy covers out-of-network acupuncture, and you have met your deductible, they will reimburse you for a percentage of treatment cost (usually 50%-70%). Please call your insurance company to see if you qualify for reimbursement. Be aware that reimbursement generally take 2-3 months after paperwork is submitted. Questions to ask your claims agent: (1) Does my policy cover out-of-network acupuncture? (2) Do I have a deductible? (3) Are there limitations for reimbursement? What are they?

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