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The Medicinal Guide 

to Transitioning out of Inflammatory Pain

I help women with fibro, autoimmune, and other life-limiting conditions take control of symptoms and transition into higher states of wellness.


-Casey Potetz, MSOM LAc. Dipl. Acu 

Managing a chronic condition can be confusing, exhausting, and frustrating.


Do you know what triggers your pain?


Do you know how to expand your personal pain threshold in order to withstand triggers beyond your control?


Do you feel empowered with tools to prevent or recover easily from a painful episode?


Are you on a clear pharmaceutical, herbal, and supplement regimen that you know works for you?


Is your energy aligned in such a way to allow ultimate healing?

As a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, I’ve helped hundreds of people find pain relief and healing using Chinese Medicine techniques that include nutrition, lifestyle, and at-home therapies.


I've created a program, based on the practice of Chinese Medicine, that guides chronic pain sufferers to a place of healing and pain relief.


I am here to show you how to care for yourself and reach your optimal healing potential.

I am here to help you put all the pieces in place.


Whether you are taking benzodiazapenes or gabapentin, ashwaganda or magnesium, even if you’ve given up on remedies and nutritional plans, I am here for you.


I am here to help you organize and optimize your treatment plan,

tap into healing in the energetic levels,

initiate healing patterns that last a lifetime and get the


Is this program right for me?

Managing a complex condition can be confusing, exhausting, and frustrating.


Are you limited by painful flare-ups and chronic fatigue?


Do your symptoms make day-to-day life difficult?


Are you sick of being controlled by pain?

You have the power to design and transition into a life unbound by symptoms.

As a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, I’ve helped hundreds of people deep-dive into the root of their health issues and create personal programs that incite progress and get real results.

The Medicinal Guide Programs work to optimize healing on the energetic, emotional, and physical levels.

Chinese Medicine is a doctrine thousands of years old. Ancient wisdom combined modern knowledge and actionable plans allow us to break through even the most complex health conditions.

Is The Medicinal Guide right for me?






Meet Casey

Casey Helen Potetz, MSOM LAc. Dipl. Acu. is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturist, and Chinese Herbalist. She has a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from the World Medicine Institute in Honolulu, HI, where she studied under the famous Taoist Master and lineage disciple Dr. Lillian Chang Y Hsiang.


Casey is a Diplomate of Acupuncture, a title commissioned by the National Certification Committee of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and she has a thriving practice in New Canaan, CT.


She has done work providing acupuncture to the Navy Seal Special Warfare Group 3 in Ford Island, HI, specializing in the treatment of painful conditions. Casey teaches meditation, qigong, and holistic workshops alongside her acupuncture and coaching practice.


Casey has known her destiny was to practice Chinese Medicine since she was 12 years old and finds great fulfillment in teaching others how to heal themselves. When she is not in clinical practice or working with coaching clients, Casey enjoys family, meditation, dancing, travel, and exploration.


This is the most comprehensive remote coaching program I offer. Transform to Rise is a 8-month program that includes step-by-step guidance toward a life unbound by pain. Build the life you imagine and free yourself from symptoms that are holding you back. It's time to step into your power.

This is a hands-on, in-person coaching package that includes 6 acupuncture treatments at my office in New Canaan, CT. This program is for total mind-body-lifestyle change for optimal wellness. Set goals, make changes, receive acupuncture. Tap in to ultimate healing.

Are Casey's coaching programs a good fit for you?


  • Have multiple inflammatory symptoms such as swelling, itching, headaches, unspecified pain, generalized pain or pain in multiple areas (you may or may not have a fibromyalgia or autoimmune diagnosis)

  • Are struggling with energy levels, brain fog, sleep problems, or digestive issues
  • Are under the care of a PCP, have seen medical specialists, and are still struggling to manage symptoms

  • Feel overwhelmed with nutritional restrictions

  • May or may not be on medications with undesirable side effects

  • Know that your body is capable of profound healing but aren't yet in control of making that happen

  • Are interested in therapies you can apply at home

  • Want to be able to do more, have more energy, and feel like your best self

  • Are ready to rebuild your life and gain confidence in controlling symptoms

  • Are ready to receive coaching, spiritual and nutritional guidance, energetic and physical healing therapies


  • Think it is someone else's responsibility to heal you

  • Are committed to maintaining a life bound by unhealthy choices

  • Are not under direct medical advice from a primary care physician