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The Medicinal Guide's

Self-Healing Academy™

Women Overcoming Pain & Illness.


Casey Helen Potetz

MSOM, LAc. Dipl. Acu.

Hello! I am a Chinese Medicine Practitioner with a deep passion for helping women heal from painful & frustrating health issues.

You are NOT Alone

Self-Healing Academy is a circle of empowered women, supporting each other to become the highest version of ourselves.

Join our sisterhood of self-healers and see what your healing journey might have in store.

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Rooted in Taoism, Chinese Medicine is an ancient doctrine that works to restore the body's innate healing process.

We follow the laws of nature and apply results-driven strategies to unlock our amazing healing potential.

Self-Healing as a Skill

You have the power to design and transition into a life unbound by symptoms.

Ancient wisdom combined with modern knowledge and an actionable plan allow us to break through even the most complex and frustrating health conditions.

Healing Philosophy